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"4 horsemen"






"Alarm wake:









"Sun nap"




















































"Your future? Sorry, not found."

"Not what you think."

"I'm thinking yummy."

"Working on Sunday?"


































"Thank you, Mr. Soldier"

"May I help you?"


















































































































"Beat up and bruised"

"Nun no-no"




























"Lab nerd"
















"Plus one"
























































"Drink red wine"









"Beddy bye bye"




"Jabba the Hut"

"Hello Kitty Love"

"Swiss Cool"

"Dutch Cool"

"Flying beanie"


"Face slam"

"Little angel"


"Kitten yarn"

"Kitten bath"

"Kitten mirror"

"Queen and kittens"

"Bug-eyed love"

"Cross-eyed love"

"Love eyes"

"Love couple"

"Love bed"

"Love meet"

"Love dining"

"Love balloon present"

"Pappa bear and son"

"Pappa bear and daughter"

"Angel cloud"

"Baby racoon"

"Kitten yarn"




"Mouse w/cheese"

"Dog w/bone"







"White cat"

"Smash computer"

"Shake computer"

"Computer burn"

"Love computer"

"Computer devil angel"

"Computer devil angel"

"Computer devil angel"




"Drink beer"

"Drink coffee"

"Drink couple"

"Drink wine"

"Drink beer"

"Beer hat"

"Drink beer pee"

"Drink coffee hyper"

"Drink red wine"

"Blue fairy"

"Smiley vampire"


"Red Dragon"

"Green baby dragon"

"Baby unicorn"


"Fart in bed"


"Firefox love"

"IE trashed"

"Firefox Bart"

"Firefox cool"

"Firefox blows IE away"

"Firefox cat"

"Firefox genie"

"Firefox heart box"

"Frog eats fly"

"Ma Deuce"

"Irish Beer Drinker"

"Little Angel"

"Hula Bear"












"New Zealand"

"South Korea"

"South Korea"



"United Kingom"

"United Kingom"

"United States"

"United States"


"Vatican City"


"Bear juggles hearts"

"Broken heart"


"Fresh chicken"

"Compressed pressure"



"Devil violin"

"Down loading (NOT!)"

"Eating food"

"Coffin smoking"


"Eating chips"

"Eating spaghetti"



"Good news"

"Happy tophat cane"

"Sneer glare stare"


"Kick me"





"Smiley camera"


"Angel Harp"

"Hello Kitty Umbrella"


"Hot Sweaty"

"I Love You"



"Tea set"

"Roller skating"

"Lips kiss"

"Happy laughing"




"Laugh 'til you cry"

"Love sparkles"


"Heart lips"

"Heart fireworks"


"First kiss love"

"Blow heart"


"I love you"


"Love waves"

"Love chocolate"

"Applause hat"


"Crazy evil eye"



"Wipes brow"

"Love smitten"



"Big grin"



"Stupid grin"


"Bouncy grin"




"Angry nono"


"Bear Mom Kids"

"Reading surprised"

"Smoking cigar"

"Classroom teacher"

"Pancake flip"

"Blue cry"

"Cry rivers"



"Eating pizza"

"Tongue snarky"


"Love guitar"

"Hello Eyore"












"I love you"

"Rose love"





"Bear soldier"

"Salute soldier"


"Thumbs down"

"Thumbs up"

"Bear tools"


"Long hair"







"Finish winner"

"Suntan sunbathing"


"TV telly"

"UFO abduction"




"White Guys Can't Dance"



"Green w/envy"

"Pillow fight"

"Ball and chain"

"Google dumb questions"

"Beer wink"


"B.S. meter"









"Double Post"

"Homer D'oh"


"Full of crap"

"Fucked if I know"



"Good posting"



"Horny Pacman"

"I agree"

"Give me beer"

"#*%@ happens"

"Jessica Alba"

"Demon LOL"



"Oh shit"



"Yellow snow"



"Thumbs up"



"Safe sex"

"I threw up in my mout a little."

"This topic sucks"


"Kewl pics"

"Party time"


"Rock on baby"



"Mod power"






"Who gives a fuck"


"Strap in, kids."


"The Finger"





"Plus one"


"Padded room"

"Why did I click that link"

"Wizard and dragon"


"You rock."


"Model A Ford"

"Big Hug"














"I'm so bored"



"Call me"

"Call me"

"Kitty mouse cheese"

"Love chocolate"


"Frog prince"


"Glitter kitty"

"Good luck"

"Good morning"

"Good night"

"Hello, soldier"

"Hi there, sweetheart"

"Hi there, sweetheart"

"My fingers are crossed"

"Hugs and kisses"

"I have a secret"

"I miss you"

"Stop the insanity"

"I want you"

"Kiss my a**!"





"I heart you"

"Love song"

"Please beg mercy"

"Monkey kiss"


"No problem"

"Beer chugger"

"Penguin love"

"Sad kitty"

"Shut up"


"Tree frog"

"Big hug"

"Welcome home"


"I love you"

"Hot or you?"

"Lost my number"

"Nice legs"

"You must be tired."

"Red spider"

"Mad angry"

"Old man wheelchair"

"Big-eyed little girl"



"Wine cork"

"Ya-ya sisters"

"Wake from the dead"


"Elmer Fudd"




"Demon whip"

"Flatten and toss"








"Computer punch"

"Down the drain"


"Cellphone shock"

"Tongue frozen"

"Pigout spaghetti"

"Hot and sweaty"

"Nehner nehner"






"Happy hour"

"Hard at work"

"Clearing security"

"Good morning tea"

"Lost thread"

"Chill out"

"Kitty hug"

"Why do birds suddenly"

"Bed monster"

"Speciall announcement"




"Have a coke and a smile."

"I love you more than chocolate"

"Ms. Margarita"

"Happy hump day"

"Checking the fridge"


"Feed the ducks"

"Rocking chair"

"I feel a tad out of place"


"Umbrella stars"

"Nice talking to you"

"Stare at monitor"

"Sour grapes"

"Soccer heading"

"Pillow fight"


"I live in a fantasy world"

"BIG no-no"

"Bad doggies"

"Tea party"



"Tribal council"


"Trailer trash"

"Don't look at me."


"Wheel chair"


"Welcome train"

"Beer couch"


"404 Funny not found"

"Smash violin"

"Black cat"

"Attention whore"



"Day Dreaming of love"

"More beer"

"Beer cheers couple"

"Double decker bus"

"Kiss me"

"Making dinner"

"I love you"

"Love cloud"

"Stone skipping"



"Day Dreaming of love"

"Boo fucking hoo"

"Day Dreaming of love"

"Cat stare"

"How to build a cat"

"Burkha "

"Beer bong"


"Car pool"

"Cat nap"

"Raining cats"

"Uh oh, you're screwed"




"Mouse cheese"

"Cheerleader run down"


"Counting sheep"




"Flaming guitar"


"Cat chasing leaves"

"Fish fight"

"Chameleon lunch"


"He made me do it."

"She made me do it."


"Hyena hehe"

"I'd hit it"

"I'm stupid"

"Jesus dance"

"Kangaroo mom"

"Hanging laundry"

"Link, please."

"Live TV"

"Lounge lizard"

"Love you guys"

"See no, hear no, speak no"


"Where's my baby?"

"Mouse cheese"

"Naughty photo"

"Going nuclear"

"War no, catnip yes"

"Last rites"

"Pillow fight"


"Pirate hook"

"Tearing hair out"

"Monitor cat"

"Computer cat"

"Rock band"

"Cat scratch"

"Hide chimney"

"Shit happens"

"Smiley whote"

"Hide sofa bricks"

"On strike"



"Table talk"


"Bear hug"

"Blue butterfly"

"Heimlich for cats"










"Beer dance"





"Alien abduction"

"Angry dragon"

"Angry devil"



"Big hug"

"Bla bla"


"Cat nap"

"Boba Fett"


"Spy with bomb"


"Call me"

"Call me"


"Charly Brown"

"Cheer up"

"Storm trooper"

"Coffin monster"

"Crying dragon."

"Crying cat"

"Crying devil"

"Crying devil"

"Darth Vader"

"Darth Vader"

"Death Star II"

"Dizzy devil."




"Evil devil"



"Homer guitar"

"Girl shouts"




"Devil you're going down."

"Devil thumbs up"

"Got the file"

"Got to go"

"Devil grins"

"H.A.L. "

"Happy dragon "

"Two beers"




"Beat up"

"Kill me now"

"Cat laughs"

"Devil laughs"

"Devil laughs"

"LMAO Laugh my ass off"

"Thinking of us"

"Dragon love"

"Devil blows kiss"

"Cheer up"





"On stop it . . . go on"



"PB 1400"




"Oh, go on!"

"Storm trooper"

"Devil sad"

"Send me the file."

"Dragon shocked"

"Devil shocked"

"Devil shocked"

"Sir, yes sir."

"Skull and bones"

"Sleep gloomp"

"Dragon slurp"


"Cat winks"

"Devil grins"



"Space pod Betty"


"Devil sweats"



"Cat tongue"

"Devil vampire"

"Knock out"



"Weee office chait"

"Dragon winks."

"Cat winks"

"Wonder Woman"

"Cat yawns"

"Devil drools."









"E.U. flag"



"English Bobby"

"Phone box"

"UK Flag"

"UK Flag"


"South Korea Flag"

"South Korea Flag"

"Norway Flag"

"Norway Flag"




"Canadian Flag"

"Canadian Flag"


"IJN battle flag"

"Vietnam Flag"

"Vietnam Flag"

"US Flag"

"US Flag"

"California Flag"

"Indiana Flag"

"Michigan Flag"

"Ohio Flag"

"Pennsylvania Flag"

"Ace of spades"

"Akrotiri Flag"


"Hungover Animavore"



"Beer glass"







"Dr. Who Tardis"


"Electric chair"

"Fingers crossed"

"Get Well Soon"

"Guinness beer"






"Leia Organa"


"Lunar Module"

"Missing milk carton"




"Hi sexy"



"Napoleon Bonaparte"

"Ninja in black"



"No worries"



"Oh noes hypnosis"

"Ok bye"


"Oscar winning"

"Pirate flag"

"Pirate flag"

"Pirate Parrot"

"Chess queen"

"Question marks"

"RC car remote control"


"Ice cream scream"




"Storm Trooper"


"Thank you."




"Hyponosis Toad"


"Wold Cup"



"Kiss and fade"

"Hello, Soldier"

"It's about time"

"Cute girl love"



"Mouse with cheese"


"Bad Boy"



"Missouri Flag."

"Mouse with cheese"

"New Mexico Flag"



"I'm sorry"

"It's about time"

"It's a beautiful thing"

"It's not fair"

"Spread happiness"

"Smiling is contagious"

"Make someone smile today"

"Thumbs up"

"I so rock!"

"I hate you"

"I have a secret"

"I know"

"I'm back"

"I'm mad as hell"




"Thank you"


"You have the patience of a saint"

"May I help you?"

"Bald is beautiful"

"Holy Moly"

"Good Morning"

"Good Night"

"I don't know"

"Lady w/glasses"

"Girls Rule!"

"I'm a star!"

"You go girl!"

"Bride of Frankenstein"

"Lady w/pigtails"

"Lady w/red hat and gloves"

"Lady w/pigtails"

"Lady w/hair up"

"Lady w/blue hair"


"Lady Goth"

"Greatest Sister Ever!"

"You're my best friend"

"I miss you"

"Hear ye!"

"Give peace a chance."

"Moses parts Red Sea"

"Miss U"

"Lady trashes Man"

"Lurker behind fence"



"Three Stooges"

"Wizard with books"

"Friends forever"

"Lava lamp"




"Pirate w/parrot"

"Broken arm"

"Hippie pokes screen"


"Fans self"




"Dragon love"

"Dragon love"

"Dragon love"

"Puppy love"

"Swan love"

"Garfield What?"

"Lion King tongue"

"Snow Leopard"

"Lady coffee"

"Blue Butterfly"


"Beats computer"

"You're still ugly, pass me another beer"


"gangsta cat"

"Eye tear"


"Drink! It makes things suck less."

"Dragon love."

"Kitty love."


"Danger, instant idiot. Just add alcohol."


"Love. Blows hearts w/shades"

"I love you"


"Blush, oops."

"Danger, I drive like you!!!"



"Red eye."

"Yay cheerleader kitty."

"Blue butterfly on hand."

"Blue butterfly on cheek."

"Bad kitty."

"A mouse? Where?"

"Don't try to understand me, just love me."

"Love is like a butterfly . . ."

"You don't come across . . . butterflies."

"This can't be right . . . A BRAIN? Homer."

"Are you drunk? Blurry."

"Red dragon"

"Gandalf on the Pellanor."

"Tasmanian devil."

"The grind. "

"Hitler eats watermeleon"

"Calvin makes faces."

"Frigidsymphony rocker."


"Angel or Devil? You decide."



"I have a secret . . . "

"I want you."



"Dragaon thanks"

"Devil or Angel?"

"Welcome home"

"Big Ben"


"London bridge bungee"



"Coldstream guard"


"Hula hoop"





"You fell, I pushed you"

"Nervous system"


"One ring"

"Tweety goodnight"

"Cme to the dark side."

"You shall not pass"




"The Gates"

"Born Against Christians"



"Join me"


"Evil doll"

"Snake cat"

"Big mouth"

"I feel pretty"

"Love butterflies"


"You go girl"


"Heart pops out."


"Big hug"

"Wading pool"





"Sprinkler fun"

"Beach ball"

"Blue ball cap"

"Red batter"

"Blue batter"




"Tanning bed"



"Dopey love"

"Wolf call"

"Dracula coffin"


"Trick or treat"

"Haunted house"


"Dizzy love"

"Bouquet love"






"Blow hearts"

"Coffee is beverage . . . " 

"Decaf coffee"



"Swat fly"

"Bath tub"




"Morning coffee"

"Homer hung-over"

"Fucking Exi"


"QFT Quite Fucking True"

"Rationalia Chaos Confusion"

"Sun comes out"

"Dinner love"

"Love two into one."


"Scared TV"


"Squirrel drinks beer"

"Anubis laughs" 




"Tigger drama"

"Cook sings"

"Garfiled in the rain"