Just when you thought it was safe ...

Just when you thought it was safe ...

Postby Calilasseia » Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:08 am

... to discuss Lepdoptera reproduction, along comes this paper ...

Digestive Organ In The Female Reproductive Tract Borrows Genes From Multiple Organ Systems To Adopt Critical Functions by Camille Meslin, Melissa S. Plakke, Aaron B. Deutsch, Brandon S. Small, Nathan I. Morehouse & Nathan L. Clark, Molecular & Biological Evolution, 32(6): 1567-1580 (1st June 2015) [Full paper downloadable as a PDF from here]

Basically, this paper reveals that the Small White butterfly, Pieris rapae, not only has the ability to digest the contents of a male spermatophore after it's been deposited in the bursa copulatrix following mating, but has a radula-like structure bearing teeth to aid this process. In other words, this butterfly has a real life vagina dentata.

I'll just let Dev squirm for a moment, but here's an image of the structure in question:


Part C of that image is the feature in question.
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Re: Just when you thought it was safe ...

Postby pErvinalia » Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:52 am

But seriously, what does it taste like..?
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