Chinese Communist Party Propaganda and Maps

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Chinese Communist Party Propaganda and Maps

Post by Cunt » Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:11 pm

Something I recently started hearing about and thinking about, is what propaganda might be pushed by the political party running China. One example which surprised me, was the '9 dashed line'

This vid gives a summary, but it might miss something...hmmm...where is Taiwan again?

I chose this example, to try to be fair to China's government, as it is their claim. The other example I remember, (might have been from someone here) was about printed globes, and their problem getting an historic copy printed, because that historic copy would NOT have the '9 dashed line'. The 'floating globe' company (can't find that vid now, sorry) claimed to have encountered unusual difficulty having their globe printed at the factory, which was in China.

So this is one example, can anyone point out others? I've heard claims that their propaganda arm is trying to have any mention of the current crisis distanced from China, and accuse those linking them of racism. (because it is divisive)

Can't substantiate that, so maybe it's bullshit and calling it by it's origin name IS racist. Still can't seem to find Taiwan in that south sea though...maybe they moved it.
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