Was Uther Pendragon such an evil man ?

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Re: Was Uther Pendragon such an evil man ?

Post by Rum » Thu May 24, 2018 12:12 pm

If you live in the UK you will soon discover that Arthur's origin is claimed by probably the majority of counties. From what I have read the conclusion is that if he existed at all it was as a minor warlord fighting the remnants of the Romans as they leached away in the fourth and early fifth century. Others have it that he was in fact a Roman ally who fended off the Saxons for a bit. The 'legend' is based on story after story, layer upon layer over the centuries. I've not read any explanation for why a mythological hero should also become a legendary cuckold.

The village where I was born in South Wales has a large round(ish) rock up on the hills behind the village, known locally as Arthur's Table - and there are many similar places scattered around the country - probably hundreds.

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Re: Was Uther Pendragon such an evil man ?

Post by Svartalf » Thu May 24, 2018 1:16 pm

well, maybe the origin might have been knowable in the 12th century or thereabouts, unfortunately, Chrestien de Troyes and others completely deformed the tales they received by layering christiatianity so thick on the original substrate that later students of legends could never tell what the original stories might have been like... most authors were only too happy to layher on their own stuff rather than try to study the original structure anyway.

and given the place Arthurian myth has in Welsh legendry, it's all too likely that the legend basis is Celtic, and possibly specifically Welsh.
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