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Fantasy Politics League.

Post by Animavore » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:17 pm

Now we all know, those of us with functioning brain cells, that Donald Trump is the most unfit President in the history of the US. No one comes close for sheer ineptitude, incompetence, and impotence. This guy is fucking Don Ward in Casino. If he doesn't know he been taken by the rapacious Republican party he's too fucking dumb to keep the job. If he does know, he's in on it. Which makes him a crook. A liar. And a thief.

Nowhere is his idiocy more on display than in his picks for top government positions. To quote Phil Plait; it's like he got a list of everyone in the World, from most suitable to least, and went straight to the bottom. He has filled positions in environment, education, and research with creationist Christians, who think climate change is something people made up for the laugh, and the World is less than 10,000 years old. This is a complete joke. Is this how Donnie ran his businesses? Did he go to the first person he saw when looking for a Market Researcher and say, "You! What do you do?"
"I make puddles go splish-splash"
"You're hired"
Well, I guess that would explain why he keeps going bankrupt!

This is the complete opposite of how most people do things. I work in IT and if I was hiring and some guy came up and his CV shows his only previous work experience was in working in a pet shop I'd ask, "Well what do you know about computers?" And if he told me something insanely idiotic like he believed computers where operated by tiny homunculi I'd stand up abruptly and start shouting, "Get the fuck out of my office!" while mashing the security button frantically under the desk.

Equally, if I were the leader of the US or somewhere, and Scott Pruitt, a person who has shown nothing but a complete lack of understanding of even the most rudimentary of science, came up to me asking to be the head of the EPA, I'd simply snap my fingers and two CIA guys would have him out on his ear before his feet touched the floor.

So the question is who would your ideal picks be for government roles?

Me, personally, I believe in meritocracy. Which is why below incompetent people like Betsy DeVos and Rex Tillerson would not be allowed near my cabinet any more than IKEA would. I prefer to put people into a role who have shown a degree of expertise, enthusiasm, and achievement which is befitting of such high honours.

Environment Protections.

I think the clear choice here would be Michael Mann. He has shown him self to be a dedicated and persistent communicator of climate science even in the face of death threats from the type of brain-washed scrotes, who also voted for Trump, who think "Green is the new Red", to the haunting tune of McCarthy.

Space Agency.

Neil Tyson DeGrasse certainly belongs here. like Mann his an excellent public communicator, and he understands that to understand the planets you need to understand Earth. So he certainly wouldn't be trying to keep satellites from being launched into orbit for fear the will reveal something which goes against some warped ideology.


Bill Nye; the science guy would be ideal here. He's good at getting kids involved in STEM subjects, and doesn't look like a scary, porcelain doll with a wax smile which was allowed to become an old woman.

Department of the Interior.

David Attenborough would be great at this role. He has a love and respect for nature and an infectious enthusiasm delivered in an avuncular tone (That favourite uncle you had. Not the wild, rapid one who touched you when you were 6. That was uncle Trump). Someone who understand that you can't solve conservation issue by shooting the animals you're trying to conserve.


I'd have to nominate Thomas Piketty. A guy who has done more data research on the machinations of capitalism than anyone else.


Jeffrey Miron. A professor of economics at Harvard. His views on libertarian economics are a bit unrealistic. But when it comes to drug policy he's spot on. Legalise all drugs. Even heroin and cocaine. The harm caused by incarceration and the black market far outweigh drug use. (this is a view espoused by the World Health Organisation and by no means some fringe view).

Who else do we need for our fantasy government?
"I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” she said of Mr. Trump. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”
- It was all about hurting people.

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