Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

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Re: Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

Post by Hermit » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:19 am

JimC wrote:
Forty Two wrote:
JimC wrote:The problem is that a relatively uneducated population (and not just in America) will not be able to discern the difference between pop-culture crap and serious academic endeavour...
Sure, but that isn't peculiar to the US. It's not as if pop-culture, paranormal, conspiracy theory and other such programming is nonexistent in countries other than the US. We have a private media industry in most free countries, which means that any market that can generate income is catered to by someone.

I wasn't disputing that the shows were shite, or that gullible people can be taken in by them. Fuck, gullible people will sign petitions banning dihydromonoxide. My objection was to the suggestion that this is somehow something that the is exclusive to the US, or that the US media does exclusively. It isn't - we have many, many different channels and media outlets, which have both serious science and pop culture science. For ever "I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens" type show out there, there is a series hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Michiu Kaku or Stephen Hawking or Brian Cox or Morgan Freeman. We have shows like Strip the City, The Wonders of the Solar System, Cosmos, Moon Machines, How the Earth Works, Through the Wormhole...and the list goes on and on.... we have history related shows like the "Dark Ages" series, Engineering an Empire series, Real Vikings, World War 2 in HD, The Color of War, The Men Who Built America, the World War 1 series on AHC, Ancient Discoveries, How the States Got Their Shapes, The Presidents, Battles BC, Battle 360, Man, Moment Macine, The World Wars, various series on Ancient Rome, the Greeks, and the recent series called "The Barbarians" which has episodes on the Vandals, the Huns, the Vikings, the Goths, the Mongols, the Saxons, the Lombards and the Franks. That's not even scratching the surface.

So, yes, the US has garbage on TV, but the variety on American TV, I can absolutely tell you, is wide and deep. If you want serious science or history, there is plenty of it.
In case you hadn't noticed:

(and not just in America)

Excellent formatting. When Faulty Too encounters even the slightest negative comment regarding the US, he sees red, and then red is all he sees.
Hermit wrote:
Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:15 pm
People who quote themselves are either neurotic arseholes or inveterate trolls or both.

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